David Bowie's Changes is performed by students of Lewes New School. According to the Lewes New School website:
The song was produced to promote the New School Thinking conference which we are hosting in October.
Only pupils from the school play the instruments and sing, except for the bass. This is Herbie Flowers, the bass player who played with Bowie on the original version.
I didn't bother looking much into either Lewes New School or the New School Thinking website. I'm all for schools and education, and my brief perusal of each site showed nothing sinister. But I'm not posting to promote either, and I'm not shilling for donations. I just really like the video. Anything that involves kids with music in such an engrossing way is A-OK in my book.

As a (very) amateur video guy, I realize the amount of effort that went into making this video. It's quite impressive. I hope you enjoy the clip. You can find it in the big video player on my Music Video page.
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