Eddy Fukano Update 2
Eddy Fukano
Eddy Fukano has generated more page views, email, and general interest than anything else I have posted on my site. Just under half of the hits I get from search engines are looking for Eddy Fukano. My original article Yodeling Japanese has topped my "most read" list for months. I can't remember any email from visitors that wasn't about Eddy Fukano. (I'm thinking of changing over to an Eddy Fukano fansite!)

The most recent Fukano sighting comes from Dear Visitor Dawn, who considerately sent me this signed promo shot of Eddy and a fascinating story behind the photo's origin:

You may find this interesting.  I was sitting at work today and some co-workers were talking about Roy Orbison and Waylon Jennings.  I thought that my grandfather had actually had a jam session with some of the folks from the Hee Haw days and before.  So I started to go through my mother's photo albums... I found a small but probably modest treasure trove of old photos of my grandfather's band when they used to play at The Lariat Club.  Along with the pictures is the attached photo of a very young Eddy Fukano.  I am not sure but I think it may be one of his first professional photos that was taken after he signed his first record deal with DOT Records.  I can't tell you much more than that and maybe you can look into the photo more thoroughly than I could ever do.  I do have to say, he is one handsome fella in this photo! I hope Mr. Fukano happens upon my site one day so he will know that he has bunches of fans all over the world!

And many thanks to Dawn for taking the time and effort to scan and send the picture!

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