Yodeling Japanese
Some stuff is too cool or unusual to keep to myself. Today's exhibit of the bizarre, again courtesy of Hee Haw, is Japanese country singer/yodeler Eddie (Eddy) Fukano.

The first time I saw Eddie Fukano, I had one of those "double-take" moments. Let's face it, the world of country music is not exactly chock full of non-white Americans. Certainly, there are exceptions. Charlie Pride is the most notable and of course Ray Charles took his turn at singing country. I'm sure Eddie turned more than a few heads during his tenure as an American country artist.

What is most exciting to me is Fukano's sincere and quite excellent performance. A Japanese country singer, let alone one who yodels, can easily be taken as a joke. I see nothing funny about Eddie's performance here.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find much of anything about Mr. Fukano. If anybody has some information to share, I'd appreciate you enlightening me. I will happily add whatever comes my way. Until then, enjoy Eddie Fukano's performance on my music video page.