Lead Zeplin
I love a good Led Zeppelin rip-off cover tribute influenced band. Of course, Led Zeppelin themselves are pretty well known for being some big time... er, "borrowers". All musicians steal from each other in one form or another. After all, what are you but the sum of your influences?

I'm enjoying the slight resurgence of classic rock bands, most notably Wolfmother and now The Answer. I don't know if it's a new fad, an attempt at a retro-revival, or a gentle nod to the past. Although I find it falling a bit short of those they are emulating, it is pleasing none-the-less. Good job, Gents!

The Answer sums it up with an unabashed statement on their MySpace page:
"Their unadulterated, bluesy classic rock struck a chord with music fans long starved of visceral, no frills rock thrills..."

I'll admit to being long starved of rock thrills, but I honestly wouldn't mind a few frills.

Separated at birth?  You decide.

You can find The Answer's performance on David Letterman on my videos page.

Check out their homepage and their MySpace.