Double or Nothing
Vintage Trouble Remember me? Yeah, I used to come here more often. Life and Things and Other Stuff have kept me away for too long. So in an attempt to make amends for my extended absence, I offer two videos that deserve to be on your radar. The first is Vintage Trouble's Blues Hand Me Down. There's a lot to like here: nice energy, solid playing, and spiffy wardrobe.

The second is Lianne La Havas performing Is Your Love Big Enough. The song gets a little repetitive, but the catchy guitar riff, Lianne's voice, and the overall performance more than make up for it.

My apologies, dear visitor, for not having more to offer lately. I'll try to do better. In the meantime, there are a ton of cool videos on my main Music Video page that deserve your attention if you haven't already seen them all.