A Fortune

My Chinese dinner (oh Wah Yuen, what makes your egg rolls so good?) included this fortune: "The universe without music would be madness." While I agree, this reminds me of The Chaste Planet by John Updike in which the reverse is true.

In the story, humans encounter the Minervans, creatures living within the planet Jupiter on a hidden planet dubbed Minerva. The humans eventually discover the Minervan's hidden intense musical life. The Minervan's word for "music" is the same as for "life", as "silence" is the same as "death".

When humans bring Minervans to Earth, they are so inundated with music that they experience a type of insanity. Sometimes I think I know exactly how they feel.

I encourage you to visit your local library and read Mr. Updike's short story for yourself. And while you're there, check out the millions of other great stories they have there.