Big Hard Head
When I find these kinds of things I get a little giddy but also a bit jolted that I hadn't seen it sooner. Frank Robinson is 73 years old now and I had never heard of him before a couple of days ago. What's the matter with me?

Frank "Sugar Chile" Robinson was a child prodigy, winning talent shows at the age of three, playing for President Truman at seven, and appearing with Count Basie at age eleven among other impressive accomplishments.

Mr. Robinson eventually gave up his musical career to earn degrees in history and psychology. While I applaud furthering one's education in any case, I am always dismayed when a true talent strays from music. It seems such a shame.

Fortunately, Robinson didn't stray far for long. He helped set up small labels in Detroit and also opened a recording studio during the 1960s. He has been making a comeback as a musician during the last decade, appearing at a few special concerts.

The song is "Caldonia" by Louis Jordan, one of my all-time favorite jump blues songs and also one of the first compositions to be labeled "rock and roll". Click the image to play or watch it and all the other cool videos I have accumulated on my Music Video page.