Eddy Fukano for President
Eddy_Fukano_page_2Notes from Eddy Fukano fans, friends, and family keep showing up in my inbox. Today's entry in the Eddy Fukano archive comes from another family member and includes some really neat tidbits for all the Eddy Fukano fans out there.

Hello,  It was so nice to find your page about Eddy.  It is good to know that so many people remember his country music with such fondness.

Eddy_Fukano_page_3I’ve attached a few items you may find of interest. They are old magazine write-ups with photos.

You may have come to know this as well.  He was nominated for a couple of CMA awards.  I find it most interesting to see the other names of these years that were also nominated or won.  It truly was an interesting time for Country Music.

Please share the articles. I love that people are starting to post information as they find it about Eddy.  It is amazing to me to see how many people have responded to your post about my father-in-law. 

The list of CMA nominees can be found here and here. Click on the images to see a full-sized version. And in case you missed any of the previous episodes of the Eddy Fukano saga, you can find them here: Yodeling Japanese, Eddy Fukano Update, Eddy Fukano Update 2, Fukano Furor Flourishes, Fabulous Fukano Family.
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