World Music
The title World Music is about the most apt and concise title I've ever seen for any television show. World Music features music from all over the world: nationalistic, regional, traditional, cultural fusion, jazz, rock, rap... just about any style and genre you can think of can be found in one or more episodes. I've seen Mexican polka versions of Cheap Trick songs, Scandinavian traditional fiddle music, Oriental opera, and Czech folk music.

The accompanying video of clips features a wide variety of music from just a couple of episodes. The video repertoire consists of everything from Western-influenced MTV style music videos to shaky amateur shots of live performances to elaborately choreographed stage shows. World Music is about the best example of a wider view into the world of music outside of American pop culture that I've ever seen.

I found World Music awhile back while searching for new music programs on TV. It's on Link TV, a channel I might not ever have paid attention to before. It's way up in the nether regions of my Dish Network line up, channel 9410. For the record, Link TV is "dedicated to providing global perspectives on news, events and culture". The parent company Link Media states in their mission statement, "Link Media is an independent media organization whose mission is to engage, inform and inspire viewers to become involved in the world." They claim to provide a "global perspective" and to give a "voice to people without a voice". A quick look at the Funders page shows a vast and wide variety of supporting groups and foundations from all parts of the world, religions, and political affiliations. A number of respected celebrities either endorse the channel or sit on the Board of Directors.

I've watched a number of other programs on Link TV as well. They really do offer an alternative viewing experience. You're not going to see this kind of programming on any big network station for sure. I can't say I find the news and programming completely open-minded, unbiased, or without a muddied perspective. But I'm not here to endorse Link TV in any way other than to let you know about World Music and the chance to open your experience to something outside of the typical popular "music" that dominates the airwaves. You can read about Link TV yourself and make up your own mind. It doesn't cost anything (assuming the channel is available in your cable or satellite package) and it won't hurt to give it a try. If you don't like it, just change the channel.

I am going to keep tuning in for the music, and I will continue to check out some of the other programming from time to time. Who knows what I'll find? You can keep your MTV. I like this better.
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