Fabulous Fukano Family
Eddy_Fukano_newThe Eddy Fukano emails keep rolling in. In fact, I can hardly keep up. Today, I have not one but TWO Eddy Fukano sightings to report!

The first comes from perhaps the ultimate authority other than Mr. Fukano himself. I received this wonderful email (slightly edited) from none other than Eddy Fukano's daughter.
I stumbled across your article and videos on the Yodeling Japanese, and the promo photo today.  I'm his daughter, and I have always loved that photo. The stage costume he wore in that photo is hanging in a glass case along with lots of other Eddy Fukano memorabilia in a country western bar in Tokyo.

A fan in California also contacted me recently and sent me another photo and 45 of SUKIYAKI...  I was in an airport a few years ago and felt a strange melancholy suddenly fall over me... when my brain finally filtered out all the noise and chaos, I realized it was my dad's song playing.

Yes, my dad is alive and well, and since the passing of Dennis, his long-time piano player a few years ago, has formed a trio and continued performing swing and dance for his loyal fans at local dance halls in the Greater Seattle area. 

I didn't see a date on the post, so I'm not sure how long ago you posted it, but I really appreciated stumbling across it today. :) I remember watching my dad on TV as a little girl... and you'll still not find a bigger fan!

Many thanks for the smile today.

If there is one thing for me to say to my father's fans... that would be "Thank You". They've watched me grow up and taught me how to cha-cha in my Mary Janes.  I never forget that while the music may have brought a smile to their faces and put a tap in their toes, their loyalty to my father and his music over the years put food on our table and paid for my ballet lessons growing up. It's rare in this industry that you can keep doing what you love for so long and make a career of it, and my father has been doing it for 50 years. You can't have a career like that without a fan base, and my father's fans are amazing.

A few days later, I received another message with more information about Eddy Fukano.
Eddy was born in 1938 as Hideaki Fukano in Japan.  He is still living in Bothell, Washington still working at 72 arranging, composing music.

I continue to be amazed and fascinated by Eddy Fukano's popularity, and especially by the warm and friendly fans of his all over the world who take the time and effort to share with me and my audience their stories and information.
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