Tractor Music
Back in the day, it didn't take much for a bunch of us guys to settle in to an impromptu jam. There were plenty of acoustic instruments sitting around. When we ran out of those, pretty much anything could be used for additional accompaniment. Pop bottles, boxes, couch cushions - whatever we could coax a rhythm or melody out of became our instrument.

Memories of the old days came rushing back when I ran across today's addition. These guys would be page worthy without the tractor. Heck, if they weren't any good, they would still be page worthy. A group of Swedish chaps hanging out playing Sweet Georgia Brown is pretty cool. That they play it fantastically, guitar player Olle Hemmingson throwing in some awesome Chet Atkins chops, takes the worthiness to the top. The tractor section blows the top off the meter.

I had a hard time finding some good reference, the best of which can be found here at laughingsquid.com. The following quote from Olle Hemmingson is taken from that page. The video posted here has been edited for format and for my own amusement.
I am the guitar player, my name is Olle Hemmingson and I live in Sweden. There has been some asking about my guitar. It is a Gibson Les Paul Signature. I bought it used around 1975 and it’s the best guitar I ever had. The bridge is for adjusting the strings in all ways and the strings are locked in the top. There is a movie with "Sweet Georgia Brown" and a one with “Lover, Come Back to Me”, too. I did not send the movies to YouTube, but it’s fun that people seems to like it.
As always, this video and a whole bunch more are available in the big player on my Music Video page. Enjoy!
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