Happy New Year, Luie!
Whenever I run across a clip like today's offering, so many thoughts race through my mind it's hard for me to put them into any logical order. First is usually something like, "Holy *$#! That's amazing!" quickly followed by, "I suck!" and other tangential thoughts such as "She's never had a lesson in her life! What horrible technique!"

Some of my favorite adages about music and music education have to do with the "learn, practice, study, practice, but then forget all of that" way of thinking. Musicians like me have to work hard for years only to become a fraction of what some other musicians seem to accomplish naturally. Of course, that's nonsense. Certainly some people have an innate talent that facilitates their musical progression, but I have found that usually comes in the form of motivation, persistence and dedication. The most gifted musicians I know have worked their butts off for years.

My greatest consternation comes when I am approached by a student asking, "Why do I have to..." when confronted by evidence that clearly is contrary to my advice.”Why do I have to study theory?", "Why do I have to practice scales?", "Why do I have to do it the 'RIGHT' way?" Plainly you don't. "Ronnie", the musician in today's clip, probably never had a lesson in her life. Her technique is atrocious by traditional standards. The instrument looks like a pawn shop clearance special. The result should be a mess. But the actuality is something entirely different. What happens here is a testament to the magic of music and the wonder that is the human soul.

I tell my students when they ask, "Why?" that the answer is "You don't have to." I can offer example after example of amazing musicians who don't do it the "right" way. Unless you have the talent, motivation, persistence, creativity, stamina, and will, studying and utilizing the fundamental tools is one way of getting where you want to be. But sometimes you need to throw all of that out the window and let your heart and soul guide you.

I wish I knew more about this amazing musician and the clip. All I have for now is this link to the original YouTube video. Enjoy the show, and remember that you can watch it and other videos on the big player on my Music Video page.
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